Directing Reel


Selected Short Films


Ketchup and Blood

Four black students sit down at a 'whites only' lunch counter in 1963, Jackson, Mississippi, and face the wrath of a white mob.

Bob Contemplates Ending It All

A visually-striking TV comedy pilot about a comic desperate for laughs in a cruel and unfunny world.


An aspiring stand up-comic from a small town moves to the big and heartless city to try and make it. After failing miserably at his first open mic, Bob reaches out to an old friend, Trendon, who has achieved fame and success with comedy's elite. When Trendon makes Bob the laughing stock of his party, Bob finds an unlikely comedic partner in Katrina, a revolutionary by day who moonlights open mic nights to rattle the cages of white collar slaves.


Two workers get to know each other intimately while on a smoke break at their shipping facility.